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Online Wise Women Salon

Online Wise Women Salon:

The Woman Clothed with the Sun:

Our Archetypal Instructions for Becoming Wise Women

Monday Evenings starting May 3, 2011

5:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Mountain, 7:30pm Central, 8:30pm Eastern

Cost:  $100.00

If you sign up by Wednesday April 27, you get a free coaching session with me about the class material.


In these evolutionary times, we are being called to awaken to our destiny.  We need to step into a larger story if we are going to help our world and ourselves in the coming years.


While each of us has a special life purpose, one that is unique to us, there is another purpose that is unique to women – and to men who are in touch with their own divine feminine nature.   This unique purpose is to learn to access our Wisdom, because both our personal and collective lives need Wisdom more than anything else if we are going to face the challenges of the coming years.


In this 4-week online course, we will discuss the archetypal image of the New Feminine spirit that is manifesting in our times.  This image is that of Lady Wisdom, who is definitely calling to her daughters to come to her so she can give us the tools we need to be the Wise Women of our culture. 


This image combines all the power and energy of the ancient goddesses.  It gives us our archetypal instructions for accessing her Wisdom.  “And a portent appeared in the heavens: A Women clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned with 12 stars, who is giving birth to the Savior.”   (If you missed my free call last Monday, you can listen to it archived at The Bard’s Grove.)


In this 4 week class, you will get tools for working with this image.  The rest is up to you!  If you feel that learning to be a wise woman is part of your purpose, please join me as we explore how to work with this image and integrate its power.


Week One:

Leaving the Father’s House:  The Woman clothed with the Sun. 

In this class, we’ll learn to connect your sense of identity (your ego) to your deepest Self.  The first step is to Know Yourself.  We will discuss the Grimm’s fairy tale Allerleirauh for an archetypal image of how this transformation from father’s daughter to independent woman comes about.


Week Two:

Reclaiming our Bodies:  Woman’s Body, Woman’s instincts

In this class, we’ll learn to access our body’s instincts through a series of exercises involving a deeper relationship with the senses.  This is crucial, since patriarchy has twisted our relationship with our bodies.  This is the class where we’ll work on reclaiming it.


Week Three:

Learning the symbolic language of the Creative Imagination:  Standing on the Moon

In this class, we’ll learn how to work with the Creative Imagination and begin to engage in your Mythic Life.  This is the most important part of the course.  For it is through the imagination that we hear the voice of Lady Wisdom.  If we are to take our standpoint on the moon, we need to understand the unconscious and how to work with the images that are constantly flowing through it.


Week Four:

Understanding our Spiritual Nature:  Crowned with Stars

In this class, we’ll tie it all together as we explore our spiritual nature and see what our soul’s blueprint might look like.  With this new spiritual understanding of your uniqueness, you can become the co-creator with Divine Spirit of your life and your world.


These four classes will include exercises that you will work with during the week, so that each class builds on the others.


The cost of the class is $100.00.  If you sign up by Wednesday April 27, you will receive a free coaching session with me to help you work with the imagination.    Please contact me at if you have any questions.


I hope you’ll join me as we work to access our feminine Wisdom together.




Online Wise Women Salon:

Our Archetypal Instructions for Becoming Wise Women


Please Join Me for a Free Online Wise Women Salon

on Monday April 18th

5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Listen in at The Bard’s Grove

Hello Friends!

I’d like to invite you to a free online talk on Monday April 18th at 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern.  This talk is about how to develop your personal connection to Divine Wisdom.  Lady Wisdom is the archetypal image of the new Feminine Spirit that is calling to all women and men of goodwill and courage.  Lady Wisdom cries out: “Come to me and I will give into your hand the Morning Star.”

The Dalai Lama said, “Western Women will change the world.”  It is women’s great task this lifetime.  But how will we do it?

Look at what’s happening in our world.  Something is changing.  Everything is changing.  And we want to be part of that change.  We know at a deep intuitive level that we’re living in a remarkable time, a transformative time for ourselves and our planet.  As we look around, we can see we are at a crossroads in our cultural story.  We are being called to participate in these great changes.     

You want to help make our world a better place.  Personally, you also yearn for deeper relationships and meaningful work, greater creativity and a sense of community.  You know you have unique gifts to give the world.  But something seems to keep you from doing this ‘new thing’ that calls to you.

To meet the challenges that face us, people need to be sure of who we are and where we stand.  The secret is all in our standpoint.  But we also need to know that we have the power and the clarity to change things.   For this we need a great shining hope which gives us the enthusiasm to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We need a new story!

To discover our soul’s purpose, we have to access our archetypal instructions.  We need to access that spiritual blueprint by looking through the mirror of a ‘Great Story’, an archetypal story that lets us see our lives in a mythic way. 

As my teacher Jean Houston says, “Stories are the currency of human growth.  As they are told and retold, heard and reheard, they reveal their deeper meanings.  Moreover, how we view our life as a story often determines how life will treat us.  So, if we see our life as a trivial story, we fall easily into inertia and defeat.  Seeing our life as a larger story puts us back on our feet, helps us get on with living.  And seeing our life as a great story can fill us with a passion for the possible, give us access codes to new ranges of possibilities, grant us a mythic life and a higher destiny.”

That higher destiny is calling to us. And yes, it includes our unique purpose and healing work in the world.  But there is also another innate gift women share and which we can use in all aspects of our lives.  In expanding our personal story into the mythic story of our times, we find that women’s greatest gift to the world is our innate Wisdom. 

Wisdom has been defined as ‘knowledge combined with Love.”  Wisdom has been something that is sorely missing in our culture.  So we have to learn how to access it, because all of us have lived in a patriarchal mindset for so long that women have forgotten the great gift of our own feminine spiritual essence.  And because women have forgotten this gift, men have lost it too.

I have been working in our Wise Women Salons with an archetypal figure that embodies the ancient wisdom tradition of the Divine Feminine.  This archetypal image contains our instructions for accessing our personal connection to Wisdom.  Known to us through such archetypal figures as Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and White Buffalo Woman, Lady Wisdom symbolizes the New Feminine Spirit that is trying to incarnate in us at this crossroads in our human destiny, so that we can bring a new vision and a new way of acting into our lives. 

The image of Lady Wisdom we will work with is:  A Woman clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned with Stars, who is giving birth to the Savior. 

We all operate on four levels of consciousness: the physical, the psychological, the imaginal and the spiritual.  While people are familiar with aspects of 3 of these states, we have not concentrated on how the Creative Imagination affects us.  Part of the reason is that our imaginations have been colonized by our mass media.  We fill our minds with other people’s imaginings rather than exploring what’s inside our Imagination.

As my friend visionary activist Caroline Casey says, “Imagination lays the tracks for the Reality Train.”

The stories we imagine will decide how we meet the future.  If we live in the cultural or personal ‘old story’, we won’t know what to do in midst of the changes that we are facing.  As we come upon hard times, by living in this old secure story we run the risk of falling into worry, fear and insecurity.  But if we let go of those old stories and open ourselves to new larger, mythic stories that are seeded within us for just such a time of crisis and change, we will be able not only to discover our purpose, but also discover our true relationship to the Divine Spirit within each of us.

Working with the imagination can change us at a deep level.  As Carl G. Jung suggested, it is in the Collective Unconscious that we find the archetypes, those patterns of human behavior that structure our perceptions of life.  If we really want to change our lives, we need to initiate that change at the level of the archetypal patterns. 

As we change our relationship to an archetype, we re-structure how we can use its energy.  We open up to new possibilities and powers.  At this point in human history we need to re-connect to the Creative Imagination so we can begin to access and use this Wisdom that is our birthright.


What women say about their experiences at the Wise Women Salon:

Cathy is a great facilitator of creative energies.  She evokes and draws out of each person the feminine wisdom within.  Her creative storytelling and imaginative exercises awaken the intuitive and sensate functions so that we can discover and live the Great Story that lives in each one of us.  The glory of God is wo-man fully alive.    Thanks Cathy!                                      Janet Frischmon,  Spiritual Mentor & Teacher


There are so many wonderful, eye-opening and magical experiences that I have had in Cathy's classes that it is impossible to tell just one.   The most important facet of Cathy's classes are the times of self-exploration and revelation.  She uses many creative and compassionate ways to guide, direct and show the direction needed for each individual.   Many people go to classes such as hers to be told how to fix this or that, to gain what they need or desire.  In Cathy's classes you will find that she does not do it for you, refuses to do the hard work needed to evolve.  She gives support for the process with her wisdom and insight and takes you to the other side feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and growth.                                                                 

Dot Hill, Special Needs Teacher, Priestess of Sekhmet


Online Wise Women Salon

Because I’ve had so many requests to do the Wise Women Salon for people outside of Las Vegas, starting Monday, May 2nd, the Wise Women Salon will go online as a 4 week tele-course.  To introduce you to the topic and what we’ll be doing in those four weeks, please join me for this free talk, where we’ll discuss how to work with this image of the New Feminine Spirit that wants to incarnate in us.   

During this evening Salon, you will discover the three things we women have to do to begin the journey toward our destiny as Wisdom keepers and Wise Women.

1.     We have to leave behind the patriarchal view of who we are.

2.     We have to learn to work with the Creative Imagination.

3.     We have to discover our new identity through working with this Great Story.

Now that the Great Awakener, the planet Uranus, has moved into the zodiacal sign of Aries, we are called to awaken to our new, mythic identity.  And with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, vision and artistry, in his own home sign of Pisces, we will have an easier time accessing those power images that will help us break the chains of the old patriarchal/matriarchal dichotomy that lives within us.  If we can transform ourselves and release the radioactivity within our own souls, we can transform the radioactivity of our world.  As Above, so Below.  As Within, so Without

On this talk, you’ll be inspired by this mythic story of Lady Wisdom and women. It will give you the framework for seeing yourself as a woman in a new light.  The talk will give you images to meditate on, images to help you begin your new personal story.

If you’re interested in committing to a transformational destiny, please join me for a free Wise Women Salon on Monday evening, April 18th at 8:00pm Eastern, 7:00pm Central and 5pm Pacific time. 

We will meet at The Bard’s Grove  (

You can listen to the class on the Internet and call in with questions for me at (909) 265-9117.     The class will be archived within 48 hours of the show, so if you can’t make it on Monday the 18th, be sure to come back and listen when you can.    

Please pass this invitation along to anyone you know who is interested in discovering how to access the Wisdom we need as we face our Future.

For more information, please email me.

Blessed Be!

Cathy Pagano, M.A.

Jungian Psychotherapist


Mythic Storyteller

Wisdom Coach