Creativity Coaching 

Working with Your Inner Artist

 "Love is the heart of Creativity, knowing is its brain, and doing is its musculature."  Eric Maisel

Are you Creative? 

If so, how do you live out that creativity? 

Are you an Artist?    Or do you want to be an artist?


There are many ways to live creatively. You do it by using your imagination, resourcefulness and self-discipline to bring art and beauty and meaning into everything you are and do – be it your job, your relationships, your cooking, your decorating, your life-style.   You might do that by bringing art into your home, going to a play, dance or bookstore, and seeing beauty wherever you go.


But if you have an overriding desire to create something – a piece of music, a dance, a picture, a photo, a novel or make a scientific breakthrough – you have to take yourself seriously and work at your art.  You have to name yourself as ARTIST.

Being an artist means that you're a visionary and a rebel. It means that you see what others cannot see, and feel what others cannot yet feel. Your senses are alive and you experience life in ways other people do not. Being an artist is a responsibility that you have to yourself and your culture.


So, what are you doing to enhance and strengthen your art?

 Being an artist takes courage, because our society does not value its artists – beyond those few who become 'Stars'.   It takes practice and discipline, because you can't get good at something – even if you're talented at it – without putting in the time. And then you have to give it attention – you have to desire it until it is so much a part of yourself that you can't live without doing it.


Many of you will have read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Perhaps you've learned the discipline and the confidence that working with your art can give you. But if you still haven't taken yourself seriously enough to 'do your art' you might need a creativity coach.

 That's where I come in. I can coach you through your creative process, giving you feed-back, insight, and accountability.

If you have a project that you're stuck with, or that you've put on the shelf for too long, or if you're just getting started, maybe it's time to take your courage in hand and give me a call! 

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