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Astrology: How to Interpret Your Astrology Chart

Astrology: Learn to Interpret Your Astrology Chart

Saturday, January 30, 2016
Sophia Center for Goddess Study
Las Vegas, NV

Cost of workshop: $75

Life is a big mystery! Traditional wisdom tells us to take the good with the bad and just deal with it. But it doesn't have to be so mysterious that we get confused about who we are. It helps to have a 'big picture' of who we are and what our life's talents, goals and challenges are. Astrology offers us an in-depth picture of who we are and how we unfold and grow over time.

Your natal chart is a picture of how you will use the archetypal energies that make us all human. Each of the planets in our solar system symbolize those archetypal energies we all share. Their relationship to each other shows us how those energies combine or conflict, making us each unique. For each of us is an original!

Your Sun shows your life purpose. Your Moon shows how you experience life and what you need to grow your life. Your Mercury shows how you think, your Venus how you Love and your Mars how you use your Will to achieve your goals. The larger planets, Saturn and Jupiter, explain how you understand your role in the collective culture and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto show you how you are affected by and effect generational issues.

This workshop will introduce you to the different signs and planets that make up your astrology chart and offer ways to work with your energies. Then you can begin to understand how New & Full Moons affect you and where big energies are coming into play in your life.

I will need your birth data: date, time, place so you can begin to study your natal chart. You will also receive worksheets on the 12 signs and planets.

Cathy Pagano, M.A., C.E.C. is a Jungian-trained Psychotherapist, Wisdom Coach and Archetypal Astrologer. She writes a bi-monthly newsletter called The Cosmic Story about the changing sky and how these cosmic energies are affecting us.

Please call Rev. Anna and reserve your place soon. 

Rev. Anna Kendall /
6034 Smoke Ranch Road / Las Vegas, Nevada 89108 /702-489-7999