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Wisdom Coaching

So what do you get when you combine a Life Coach

with a Jungian Psychologist? 

You get a Wisdom Coach!


Therapy and Coaching are different forms of personal and collective transformation.   But they can be used in a synergistic way to create amazing results, helping you transform both your inner and out life so that you are living a life that makes you happy, is centered on the things you value, and which helps you discover your unique creative vision and contribution to our world.

Core Energy Life Coaching  is:

1.     About Commitment.   Life Coaching is an investment in yourself, where you make a commitment to make changes in any aspect of your life.

2.    About allowing Someone to Partner You.   Having a Life Coach creates a powerful partnership that helps you discover your life’s purpose through having a partner who will explore your hopes, your dreams and your fears with you, and once you know what you want, help you devise a plan to make it happen.

3.    About Change!  Life Coaching is a process that makes your life more creative, more abundant, more loving, more self-aware and more open to new possibilities.

Having a life coach helps you take the steps necessary to create change in your life and succeed at it. 

A Jungian Psychologist is someone who works with inner Being  - your Soul - the part of you that is uniquely talented and connected with Spirit.  The Inner You who wants to come out and create your unique life.  This entails learning how to understand and work with your Creative Imagination. This type of therapy is where we learn to understand your inner hang-ups, how your hopes and fears clash and cause you confusion.  This is where we discover the secret gem you’ve been afraid to believe can lead you to ‘your bliss’.  This is where you start on the road to Self-Realization.

Jungian psychology can help you:

1.     Come to understand your Shadow, the part of your psyche that you have been trained to ignore and perhaps condemn in yourself.  This is an unconscious part of yourself that causes pain, embarrassment and crisis when unattended to. 

2.    Get into a conscious relationship with your inner masculine or inner feminine energies so that you learn to balance the head and the heart and achieve wholeness of perspective on your life.

3.    Come to discover your own spiritual path that connects you more deeply to your spiritual essence, with the goal of Individuation - when you become your truest and best Self.

Doing Jungian Psychotherapy gets you to explore your unconscious as a treasure chest of disregarded memories, unlived possibilities, creative impulses and a viable connection to the Divine Spirit within you.  We do this through Dream Work, conversation, active imagination, and if desired, a reading of your astrology chart, which is a cosmic blueprint of your personality, your talents and sore spots, as well as a timing chart for your life’s unfolding patterns.

When you combine

Core Energy Life Coaching

with Jungian Psychology,

you get Wisdom Coaching.

Wisdom Coaching is a way to understand yourself, discover your life’s purpose, explore what stops you from achieving it and remove those barriers and replace them with Inner Certainty.  Wisdom Coaching helps you access your own Inner Wisdom through teaching, coaching and working with the Imagination to open you up to your own possibilities.  

A Wisdom Life Coach supports you while you:

1.     Tap into your inner purpose and passion

2.    Design a plan and set Goals for achieving that purpose within a reasonable time frame.

3.    Understand and Transform the inner and outer obstacles that hold you back from that purpose

4.    Get extraordinary Results!

Who Can Benefit from Wisdom Coaching?

1.     Anyone whose life is in transition.  

2.    You might be in mid-life and wanting to make a BIG change but don’t want to ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’. 

3.    You could be an entrepreneur or business executive who wants to find a better balance between your professional  life and your personal life.

4.    Your family might be in crisis and needs to have an objective eye to help you all sort through your issues.

5.    You might be an artist, a writer, a designer, a musician who needs help with that creative breakthrough or help with an un-attentive industry.

6.    You might want to work to deepen and enhance your relationships.

7.    You might want to develop a healthy plan for a balanced lifestyle.

8.    You might need help dealing with aging parents .

9.    You might want to empower yourself as a woman by tapping into your feminine feeling and intuition and exploring Feminine Spirituality.