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Wise Women Salon

Wise Women Salon

Empowering Women to Create a New World

"The world will be saved by the Western Woman." Dalai Lama

The Woman Clothed with the Sun,
 Stands on the Moon
 Crowned with Stars
Giving Birth.

        Wise Women Salons offer the tools that can help you access your inner Wisdom and strengths.

        With the world changing around us, it becomes more important than ever to make wise choices about our goals, our relationships, our work, our health.   To do this, we have to know who we are and what gifts we have to offer the world.  The best part of this task is that it’s the Ultimate Adventure, the exploration of our Inner Space and the concurrent transformation of our outer space. The more we know about ourselves, the easier it is to create the life that fits us. 

        That's our real job here on Earth - to embody our soul's mission and to learn the lessons of incarnating on Mother Earth.  If we remember that we are more than our ego, more than our cultural identity, we step into a realm of possibilities where we can 'send our love into the future' by opening ourselves to the creative gifts we were born with and using them to heal the planet.

        Ancient wisdom says that integrating our body, mind (reason and feeling) and spirit is the ultimate goal of life.   Anyone who’s tried to do it knows that it’s harder than it sounds.  Creating a perfect body won’t do it.  Thinking, by itself, won’t get you there.   Neither will understanding your feelings.   Not even a spiritual discipline will get you there on its own.   They have to work together.

        When we integrate body, mind and spirit, we find the hidden key to accessing our inner Wisdom.    

        This Wisdom will bring balance and energy into your life.  It will empower you to give your gifts to the world by creating a new type of business, by engaging in community service, mentoring and volunteering, by creating a loving environment for yourself and others, by making a world-shaking discovery, by writing a song that changes the world or a story that melts hard-heartedness. 

        We have a template for accessing Wisdom.  It is in symbolic form and yet contains all the information we need to unite body, mind and spirit in a living dance.   Symbols and stories are the language of the Creative Imagination, the first voice of Wisdom’s message.

        The image that gives us the key to accessing Wisdom is this:

In the heavens appears a Woman, Clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon and Crowned with 12 Stars.  She is in labor, giving birth to the Savior.

        The steps outlined in the image teach us what we must do to listen within to our own inner guidance.

1.    The Woman:  This is an image of the archetypal woman. This is incarnation and embodiment.  To be a woman is to live in a body and so be bound to our instinctual nature. It is also a symbol of the feminine principle, the yin, which births new life.   So it is women ourselves who hold the key to Wisdom.  In most ancient cultures, Wisdom was Feminine.  Lady Wisdom is the Anima Mundi or World Soul, the cosmic laws of Earth herself.  These are our original instructions on how to be human.

2.    Clothed with the Sun:   Self-awareness, psychological wholeness.

3.    Standing on the Moon:  Feeling the changing rhythms of life and how they affect you; listening to the voices of nature and your intuitions.  Listening to what your real needs are.  Learning the imaginal language of symbolism.

4.    Crowned with Stars:  Knowing the archetypal patterns, the great stories, the spiritual laws of Earth.

5.    Giving birth to the Savior (Your Unique Purpose) : Embodying what you learned.  Living consciously in your body.  


            Wisdom Coaching can help you integrate your vision, your talents and Self.  A combination of Life Coaching and Jungian Psychotherapy, Wisdom Coaching offers private sessions and group work through the Wise Women Salon.


"I am a spiritual guide based in the Wisdom tradition of the sacred feminine within both women and men.  Through private sessions, classes, and dream work, I offer support for you to untangle old complexes that keep you in pain so you can then connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and spirit, and develop your greatest gifts to give to the world."   Cathy Pagano