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Awakening the Soul’s Wisdom



C. G. Jung called the inner process of transformation the Individuation process. It involves the development of a mature personality, which is capable of choosing its own path and remaining true to its own inner law. Especially in times of collective crisis, the existence of such mature people is of crucial importance. It is at moments such as we find ourselves in today that many people are called by an inner voice and find themselves compelled to set forth on an inner quest. It is the quest for wholeness. It is a quest for one’s life’s purpose.


What you can expect from Wisdom Life Coaching.


        The call to discover our individual destiny comes to us under many guises – an illness, a divorce, an empty nest, dissatisfaction with our job, depression, a general loss of interest in the things that we once considered important. It is the Call of Spirit that comes at our darkest moments.  It is our call to Individuation.

        It is usually around mid-life that we somehow lose a sense of ourselves. As the great poet Dante wrote, “Midway through my life, I found myself lost in a dark forest with no straight path I could see anywhere.” That dark forest is where we go to meet our true Self. It is the beginning of a journey of discovery and transformation.

        As an Wisdom Life Coach, I can help you re-connect to the Self – the Divine Spirit within you - and ultimately, to your life’s purpose.

        As your Life Coach, I am available to help you awaken the Soul’s wisdom through (1) the practice of dream work and engaging the Creative Imagination; (2) finding the story you are living in and changing it; (3) discovering your life purpose; and (4) planning how to manifest that destiny. 

        The most important phases of what Dr. C. G. Jung, the famous Swiss Psychologist, calls the Individuation Process are: (1) the integration of the Shadow, that is, the “dark” side of the personality, which is denied or over-looked by ego-consciousness; (2) making conscious the opposite-sex components of our psyche, which Jung called the Animus (the masculine side of a woman) and the Anima (the feminine side of a man); and (3) experiencing the Self, your inner Truth and Spirit, and learning to let the Self lead the Ego.

        Working with dreams and other manifestations of the unconscious speeds up psychic growth.   Embarking on your unique Individuation Process brings you the gift of self-realization, self-actualization and spiritual transformation. And Wisdom Life Coaching helps you to bring that Truth into the world in your everyday life.

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