Join our Dream Group Fall, 2014

Dream Groups Forming Fall, 2014

With Cathy Pagano, M.A.

                                          from Jung's Snake dream

Are you a Dreamer?  Have you experienced how healing your dream messages can be?  Or do you ignore this Wisdom that comes from your soul?

Carl Jung saw our modern psychological illnesses as symptoms of our disconnection from our souls.  Whether these illnesses manifest on the world stage as disease, pollution and war, or within ourselves as our illnesses, fears and limitations, once we re-connect with our soul, we can heal ourselves and heal the world.

If we want to discover the mystery of who we are, if we want to connect to our souls, if we want to make deep changes in our lives, then we have to learn the language of the Soul.   How can we communicate with our deepest being if we don’t understand its’ language?

Our soul speaks to us in symbolic language, a language that takes our daily experiences and shapes it into our soul’s story.   Every night we dive into the dream realm, shutting down our intellectual left brain so our imaginal right brain can have its say.   Our souls come alive at night through our dreams!

 If you want to make a deep connection to your soul and want listen to what it has to say about your life and your choices, then learn to understand your dreams!   Your soul speaks to you every day, trying to get your ego to listen to what it says about your life.  When you do listen, you grow in Wisdom and discover the confidence to become who you are meant to be.   

You find your Truth and your Freedom when you open your ego-consciousness to your soul song.

If you’re a dreamer and you live in Las Vegas, I have two dream groups starting up in September.  All you need to do is decide if your inner life is important enough to pay attention to it.   You have to make a commitment to yourself and to the work.  And that means coming to share your inner life with the group.  It takes courage to open up, but my dreamers help each other grow.  And they do grow and change!

The discipline is to write down your dreams each night.  Our discussions will show you how to understand what your dreams are really trying to tell you.

 The first group will meet in the evening on Mondays (Moon’s Day) from 7pm to 9pm. 

The second group will meet in the morning on Thursdays (Jupiter/Thor’s Day) from 10am to 12pm.

The cost is $20.00 a session. 

Email me if you’re interested @

Walk in the Light in Peace and Love,