Healing Wounds from Other Lifetimes 


If we really want to know who we are,

we must first know who we were.

Roger Woolger

When Dr. Brian Weiss appeared on the Oprah show in June 2008, he introduced the work of Past-Life Regression to our national consciousness. This marks an important shift in our collective psyche, because as a Christian nation, our view of death is one of pain and suffering, hellfire and torture – unless, of course, you're a saint and get to go right to heaven. But in acknowledging that people, indeed, have past lives, we have shifted our paradigm of Death.

When we acknowledge the possibility of past lives – which many cultures, both Eastern and Western, have believed in – we shift our view of death and are given the opportunity to understand something new about our human life. What we discover is that we are part of the cycle of Life. That birth, growth, harvest and death are followed by ReBirth. While Jesus Christ taught us this mystery in his own death and resurrection, Christianity has never bothered to dwell on the resurrection side of the equation. But now, when we open to the possibility that we have lived many times, in many different circumstances, we can look at Life, and our life, as a learning experience.

So why do a past-life regression? Some people do them out of curiosity – they want to know if the people they love in this lifetime were present in other lifetimes. But most often, people who have issues that they can't resolve through traditional therapy find relief when they are regressed to a past life and understand where the trauma they are experiencing in this lifetime came from. It can heal old wounds and re-connect you to Soul and getting on with your life's purpose.


While many of our issues are the result of our childhood upbringing, sometimes therapy cannot get at the causes of unexplained phobias or deep feelings of fear that might haunt us. Why does a man go into a panic when he's in an open space? Fear of water, of heights, of open spaces can often be traced to past life situations. Sometimes people begin to develop aberrant behavior at a certain age and don't know why, until they are regressed and discover that at just that age, they had a past life trauma that they died remembering and brought back with them into this life.

Astrology has shown me that we bring our innate character into this life with us. It is not only our environment or our nurturing that creates our personality, but very definite energies that are present in the birthchart. Dreams have also brought up past lives, taking people back to different times, cultures and situation that they have no way of knowing about in their conscious lives.

If we are here on Earth to learn the lessons of being HUMAN, it makes sense that we are provided many opportunities to learn those lessons and grow in consciousness. We are children of Mother Earth, just as much as we are children of our Heavenly Father, and we have to abide by Earth's natural laws. And the most basic natural law is that of the Cycle of Life.

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Past-Life regression must be done in person.